ConsumerTalk with Wendy Knowler

Consumer journo Wendy Knowler has helped shed light on the rights of consumers when dealing with factory shop defaults.

Cost of living sky rockets while salaries shrink (and what you can do about it)

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler provides tips for consumers to manage life better in these trying economic times.

How important is cellphone insurance? Wendy Knowler has the answer

Wendy Knowler shares ways to ensure your line of communication is not negatively affected in case something happens to your phone.

Your favourite burger patty may be lean on beef

Wendy Knowler a consumer journalist with the Times Media Group exposes consumers to the importance of reading your food packages.

Consumer Protection Act protects consumers for flights and hotel overbooking

Consumer Columnist, Wendy Knowler says consumers are entitled to a full compensation if the company is not able to deliver on whats paid for.

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