Couple outraged after being sent on cruise with out-of-date currency (From Winsford Guardian)

A NORTHWICH couple who were allegedly given out of date currency by a local travel agent have they say endured part of a seven day sea cruise penniless. Adam Murphy, 30, and his fiancee Amy Pollard, 22, who live in Whitegate, were on the cruise aboard the luxury Crown Princess, which is due to dock in Southampton tomorrow morning after sailing to Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.   Speaking from their final destination on the cruise in Oslo, yesterday morning, fitness instructor Adam told the Guardian: “I bought this cruise as a Christmas present and part engagement celebration for Amy but the problems we have had because of the currency has caused us an absolute nightmare. “We booked the cruise through Thomas Cook in Northwich but were then advised what currency we would require and were told to get the Euro, the Swedish krona and the Norwegian krone plus  the U.S. dollar. “Part of the cruise took us to Bruges where we used our Euros and we then headed to Copenhagen and on to Helsingborg in Sweden where we came ashore and bought a bottle of water from a shop before going next door to get something to eat.  “While we were sat in the cafe, the owner of the shop came in and told us we had paid with an out of date Swedish currency, which was also rejected by the cafe. The whole incident left us highly embarassed and anxious but also without any means to pay for anything in the town.  The couple said to the Guardian that even when they tried to use their Norwegian currency in Oslo it was also rejected by shopkeepers who claimed that was also out of date. Adam explained: “I have made at least a dozen calls to Thomas Cook to ask them to rectify this situation but all that they told me was to go into their shop in Winsford on our return, that is simply not good enough because it now leaves us high and dry without any money.” The Guardian is awaiting a response from Thomas Cook

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