We’re definitely seeing some wild weather the last few weeks as hurricanes have left Texans, Floridians, and many other Americans without power and struggling to rebound.

Coming to the rescue has been dozens of CPS Energy employees, first responding to damage caused along the Texas coast and, most recently, driving 1,500 miles to help Florida.

“We took our people-first philosophy from San Antonio and brought it here to Florida,” said Eric Fassett of CPS Energy.

Fassett is the director of construction and maintenance and spoke to KENS 5 on Wednesday via Facetime. The crew first stopped in Jacksonville, moved down to Central Florida, and ended at the southern tip of the continental U.S., the Florida Keys.

“The devastation here is unbelievable, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Fassett described. “I’ve been to four deployments in my career and this is, by far, the most devastation I’ve ever seen.”

The crews worked long 15 hour days, getting started before sun up and working past sundown, for 15 days straight.

“[Floridians] can’t believe that we traveled 1,500 miles all the way to the Keys to help with restoration efforts,” Fassett said. “A lot of the times, some of us would go eat on our own, you know at restaurants, the locals would pick up our tabs.”

Making the job more difficult was being away from family for several weeks.

“There’s nobody that had to come here, they all chose to come here, leave their families here. We had one our younger trainees who, it was his boy’s 10th birthday, and he missed that,” Fassett noted. “We’ve had several birthday parties here, we’ve gotten cakes for our foreman here.”

Wednesday was the crew’s last day in the Sunshine State. And while it was a humbling experience, they’re ready to come back home. After 15 days in Florida, CPS Energy crews restored power to more than 67,000 homes.

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