Create your future – IN SCHOOL

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – which is true for entrepreneurs. Unlike doctors, engineers, teachers and advocates, entrepreneurs are job creators rather than job seekers. An entrepreneur is an independent-minded or innovative business person. Being an entrepreneur teaches one lifeskills, increases creativity and problem-solving skills, provides better understanding of business and market economics, communication, teamwork and networking skills.

Career guidance as part of school lifeskills programme undoubtedly can help students explore entrepreneurship. Besides, projects for students with start-ups will definitely make students gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by an entrepreneur. Imagine the improvements our nation will see as well-taught graduates enter the workforce with a spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership. As our students study and invest their time and energy into obtaining a degree, let us not forget that along with that degree, we need to provide them with the right kind of education.

T.P. Suresh Poduval


ARRS Schools,

Harur Main Road, Valasaiyur,



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