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The Council for International Trade and Investments (CTIP) a non-profit organization, is in partnership with some strategic investors and formed a Training School named THE AMERICAN SCHOOL FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (ASIB), offering Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program in such courses as “International Trade, Finance and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)”

Garfield, NJ – August 15, 2017 – (Newswire.com)

The success of CTIP in providing events such as Seminars, Forums, Conferences and Webinar Events, including hosting of various Foreign Trade Missions to New Jersey has brought CTIP, a non-profit organization to create its own Training School and a Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

In an interview with Mr. Jeffery Jones, former Mayor of the City of Paterson, NJ and the concurrent Chairman of ASIB, he said that the American School for International Business (ASIB) has strived itself for excellence in business education. The detailed curriculum in the Training Courses has been designed with the students in mind and industry input and supports the participants’ interest in career development and advancement in international business.

Upon finishing the Training Courses according to the former Mayor Jones, the participants that will be equipped with tools to help them position themselves in a complex world of global business.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fernando M. Sopot, the School’s President and Executive Director said, “ASIB’s Training Course on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) covers a wide spectrum of both educational and training for PPP Practitioners.” He also said that whether participants are in the private or the public sector, ASIB have designed a curriculum that deals with the regulators, project developers, construction companies, project investors, architectural and engineering consultants, lawyers, banking and financing institutions, including insurance companies, and others who are one way or another involved in PPP Project Development, making sure that the training courses are responsive to the needs of its participants.

ASIB is ready to help the public sector and/or the local government units (LGUs) design the right PPP framework that is consistent with the needs of their constituents.

This coming August 24, 2017, ASIB’s Center for Global Entrepreneurship will offer a Training Course on “Understanding Global Entrepreneurship and Language in International Business”.

The link to this event is at: https://globalentrepreneurshipinternationalbusiness.eventbrite.com.

The Center’s Executive Director, Ms. Julie-Mae Stanley has said that the 21st Century has disrupted the conventional method of launching, scaling and doing business in the international marketplace. Traditionally, companies had to establish a presence in their country of origin before venturing into the international terrain; Now times have changed and the Global Entrepreneur is at an advantage. According to Ms. Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, waited 33 years before opening its first subsidiary in Montreal… now the good news is… You don’t have to.

Ms. Stanley is encouraging entrepreneurs to join the Course on “Understand Global Entrepreneurship and the Language of International Business”. Discover What is Global Entrepreneurship? How do you become a Global Entrepreneur and how do you leverage it to reach new markets and increase your sales? Learn about the risk and rewards, profit generating ideas and the impact of language in International Business.

She also said that with over 95% of U.S. Consumers outside of the United States, it would be detrimental to your business success to ignore the abundance of opportunities in the global marketplace.

About American School for International Business (ASIB)

The American School for International Business (ASIB) is a registered Training School in the State of New Jersey offering Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program on International Trade, Finance and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP). It has also created the Center for Global Entrepreneurship offering several courses that will lead to creating livelihood program for entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs. The American School for International Business (ASIB) will be partnering soon with Funding Institutions that will support start-up companies in funding the initial capital needed to take off in a venture that will focus not only on technology and production of goods but also promoting U.S. Exports. For further information, you can email julie@aisbedu.org or email@asibedu.org or you can call 1.908.463.9417.

About Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP)

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP) is an NJ non-profit organization. It is an international trade and investment organization, principally focus in promoting trade and investments among local government units in the U.S. and overseas through its CTIP Chapters located in several countries.CTIP is open for membership to both local and foreign individuals and companies be it a single proprietorship, or corporations. The organization is also opened to executing cooperation agreements with local and international trade associations or chamber of commerce and local government units in the U.S. and overseas.For further information, you can check its website: www.ctip.info and its email address is info@ctip.info.

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CTIP Organizes Training School for International Business

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