Currency expert reveals top 10 holiday hotspots where you’ll get the most for your pound


BARGAIN: You can spend SIX WEEKS in this country for just £500

With the pound to euro exchange rate predicted to drop even lower, travelling to Europe is not the most feasible vacation option at present.

So where can you make the most of your vacation days for the least amount of money?

Luckily, Travelex have done the research for us and have revealed that you can spend a whopping 44 days – or six weeks – in Thailand for just £500.

This is nearly double the amount of days £500 would stretch in any other country, as Mexico came in second with 26 days.

Half a grand would get you 25 days in Jamaica, 23 days in Bulgaria and 23 days in Czech Republic.

At the other end of the list, £500 would only let you spend six days in Sweden and Norway, seven days in Denmark and eight days in Ireland, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

John Rayment, UK Commercial Director at Travelex said: “When it comes to holiday budgeting it can be difficult to know where to start.

“It’s not just cheap flights and accommodation that make a trip good value. Thorough research before you book about how much spending money you’ll need can really help you stick to a set budget.”

While the flights to Thailand might be more expensive than our European neighbours, you’ll be able to make the most of it when we get there, spending on average just £11 per day.

In fact, earlier this year TripAdvisor revealed the most popular long and short-haul trips for UK residents.

The most popular short-haul trip for Brits to take this summer was to Ibiza. A seven-night stay plus flights to the island would cost the average Brit £2,066 for the week.

Yet, the most popular long-haul destination was to Bali, Indonesia which would set Brits back £1,651 for flights plus hotel.

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