Currency Rework Announced for League of Legends, IP Will Merge With Blue Essence

The upcoming pre-season is turning out to be one of the most significant updates yet to arrive for League of Legends.

The year began with the announcement of the Runes Reforged program, which we figured to be the core focus on how the developer plans to dramatically overhaul the game this fall. Riot Games has apparently been sitting on other major reworks that were unveiled over the weekend to be part of the pre-season changes.

The currency system is being addressed to make it easier for new players to unlock champions, while giving veterans the opportunity to amass all kinds of rewards.

Influence Points (IP) is merging with Blue Essence as the new in-game currency for League of Legends. The new system will not only use Blue Essence for crafting but also purchasing. This should make the task of unlocking new champions faster since champion shards obtained from chests and the newly announced leveling system will essentially become discounts.

The singular currency will also simplify the experience and players will not have to horde on to different currencies for different purchases. For example, the next new champion released will cost 7800 BE instead of 7800 IP.

Take note that the transformation into the new currency will not affect the current pricing in the store. Everything will cost the same. However, it does mean that Riot Games will be increasing the amount of BE earned when disenchanting shards. In addition, any BE stored currently in accounts will be multiplied once the pre-season arrives.

Those who already have most of the champions and do not have anything more to spend Blue Essence on can turn their attention towards a new dedicated Blue Essence Store that will be launched for League of legends for a limited time. It will allow players to sink their piles of Blue Essence on things like Chromas and extremely rare skins like Urfwick.

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