Daily Analysis: Dollar Jumps on Strong Payroll and Wage Numbers

This article was posted on Friday, 15:26, UTC.

Friday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2472 0.01% DAX 12307 1.25% WTI Crude Oil 48.77 -0.52% GOLD 1260.00 0.75% Bitcoin 2840 2.99% EUR/USD 1.1736 -1.17% Jobs Friday is here, and market statistics say that the US Employment Report is the most important monthly release, causing the strongest volatility in currencies and the most durable moves in the case of a huge surprise. With that in mind the better than expected numbers might be enough to cause a meaningful correction in the most important trend of the recent weeks, the Dollar’s demise. Sure enough, the Greenback surged…

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