David Pastrnak and Boston Bruins

On the Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak …

Brian Lawton: From what [Lawton] has heard, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Boston Bruins traded David Pastrnak.

Eklund of Hockey Buzz: Rumors that Pastrnak has been included in trade talk. The LA Kings could be looking at Pastrnak. It’s well known the Bruins like Avs Gabriel Landeskog and Tyson Barrie.

Jimmy Murphy: Source suggesting that the Bruins may have floated the Pastrnak trade rumors to put some pressure on him and his agent.

Joe Haggerty of CSNNE: [Haggerty] mentions both Lawton and Eklund’s notes on the Pastrnak trade rumors.

[Haggerty] thinks that this could just be a sign that each side are getting antsy. Signs earlier this offseason pointed towards a six-year deal around $6 million per year, but recent signings may have now increased that number. A number that may now be more than Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron.

There has been some indications that lockout bonus money could be one hang up on a deal. The Bruins also have an internal structure where Pastrnak should be paid less that Marchanch and Bergeron.

The Bruins are not going to trade Pastrnak – they need what he brings and they don’t have anyone else that has his skill set. It would be Tyler Seguin all over again.

A new contract for Pastrnak may not happen until training camp, but fans shouldn’t be panicking over August trade rumors.

Matt Kalman of CBS Boston: Bruins fans are hoping for Filip Forsberg and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins comparables ($6 million a year) for David Pastrnak, but he could be thinking Johnny Gaudreau ($6.75 million) or Vladimir Tarasenko ($7.5 million).

The Bruins ‘internal salary cap’ has been brought up – David Krejci at $7.25 million, Patrice Bergeron at $6.875 million, Brad Marchand at $6.125 million and David Backes at $6 million. Three of those four are over 31 years old and are getting paid on past accomplishments more than future production – with Bergeron a possible exception.

Pastrnak has every right to ask to be paid as one of their best forwards.

Signing bonuses may be playing a role in the lack of a deal so far. Gaudreau has two signing bonuses in his deal for $6.5 million. Connor McDavid‘s deal has $86 million of the $100 million total in signing bonuses.

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