Dedicated portal soon for recruitment in Maha govt departments

Mumbai, Aug 18 The Maharashtra government will soon launch a dedicated portal to conduct examinations for recruitments of employees in all departments.

This forms part of the government’s effort to bring transparency, accountability and weed out loopholes in the process, according to V K gautam, Principal Secretary, state Information Technology department.

He said the whole idea is to ensure the government does not face flak on account of discrepancies in the middle- level administration.

“The Madhya Pradesh has faced flak due to the Vyapam scam, which was a resultant of middle-level administrative discrepancies. Apart from this, recruitments have always been mired in controversies due to possibilities of corrupt practices being adopted,” Gautam told PTI.

The Maharashtra Information Technology Corporation has partnered with IT firm UST Global to develop the portal, he said.

The departments concerned will have to upload its set of questionnaire on the portal for any recruitment, he said.

“This will be a robust, scalable and a highly secure system, and the exams will be conducted via the IT Corporation at dedicated centres, which will be AICTE approved colleges,” he said.

Kaustubh Dhavse, the joint secretary and OSD to the chief minister for technology and infrastructure, said the portal will have a set format for question papers.

Out of the hundreds of questions uploaded and encrypted on it, the portal will automatically choose a set of questions for the examinee.

“All recruitments will now be time-bound and results will also be displayed online almost instantly,” Dhavse said.

The IT Corporation invited tenders about five months ago and three companies were selected in the initial round. Later, UST Global was awarded the contract.

It will be unit-based pricing, where the company will earn as per the examinations conducted, Dhavse said.

While the portal will be officially launched on September 1, the rural development department has already started the process of conducting exams through intranet (in house) facility of the portal, he said.

“The chief minister has envisioned a transparent administration and recruitments play an important role in it. This process will now be sans loopholes, where there will be no scope for wrongdoings,” Dhavse said.

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