Democrats to blame for pension crisis | Letters To The Editor

Last week’s Courier-Journal report on the state’s pension plans finally forces the thousands of Kentucky retirees and future retirees to see what is in store for them.

This crisis did not occur overnight. It is the result of past decades of Kentucky governors, representatives and senators, all of the progressive Democratic Party, who failed to properly fund the pension plans. Finally, we have a Republican governor and a Republican-controlled General Assembly that is facing up to the crisis. I am sure that there will be some bitter solutions that we must endure. I am also sure there will be progressive Democrats who will try and blame the Republicans.

Just remember how we got to the crisis of today. Who has controlled the governor’s office and the General Assembly for as long as I can remember? The progressive Democrats! I wonder how many retirees that will be affected have blindly supported the Democratic Party over the past several decades. The blame ultimately falls on us, the citizens who don’t vote, or just votes the same old way as past Kentuckians have done so.

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