Despite tech savvy, children need guidelines for using smartphones – Tech News

One rule, for example, that parents can set for their children regarding the Internet could be that teens have to ask before downloading a new app. — dpa

While smartphones may make children or adolescents feel like grown-ups, the fact that they’re adept at using social media or installing apps doesn’t mean they actually understand the Internet. 

For that reason, parents should offer advice as well as set up basic rules, experts advise. 

One rule, for example, could be that teens have to ask their parents before downloading a new app. “Then I can look at it with my child and assess whether there are follow-up costs,” says Kristin Langer, a Germany-based children’s media adviser. 

In addition, children can discuss which websites they’re looking at with their parents. 

If a family uses a common tablet, Langer recommends setting up the start screen accordingly – apps downloaded by the adults can be moved to a later screen so that children don’t accidentally click on them. — dpa

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