Destiny 2 Definitely has Microtransactions, Silver Currency is Back

It seems that Destiny 2 will definitely have microtransactions like its predecessor, and players are none too happy about the in-game purchases.

Following the leak of the official GameStop guide that revealed many details of Destiny 2’s gameplay including exotic gear, missions, and other content, the gaming retailer once again is the source of the information. This time though, the news that Destiny 2 will have microtransactions through it’s in-game currency known as Silver comes from a GameStop flyer that advertised the upcoming game.

In the flyer from GameStop that’s shown above and was shared via Twitter, the main game itself was the focus of the ad as well as some of the preorder bonuses available through GameStop that include gear and collectible figures. The special PlayStation 4 Pro bundle is also featured, but the evidence of the microtransactions comes from the bottom-right corner where several digital items are advertised via purchasable codes. Two of the items offer prices for Silver, the currency used for in-game purchases in the first game, confirming that microtransactions are back for Destiny 2.

The prices listed for each amount of Silver are as follows, in case the text is to small to easily read:

  • Destiny 2 Silver: 1000 (+100 Bonus) $9.99
  • Destiny 2 Silver: 2000 (+300 Bonus) $19.99

Following the tweet from the Destiny 2 Intel account those who replied to it expressed a mix of frustration that microtransactions are back and a lack of surprise that they’d return. It seemed unlikely that the microtransactions would be removed in the second game since they were present in the first, but the likelihood of them returning didn’t do much to stifle the disappointment with them being confirmed.

During the big leak of Destiny 2 content that can be seen here through Reddit, there was also talk of an “Eververse-specific curreny,” Eververse being the in-game marketplace for Destiny 2. While there isn’t much information currently available on the currency, it’s known that players can acquire it through “dismantling items acquired via Bright engrams.”

Destiny 2 and its microtransactions will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 6 and PC on Oct. 24.

[via MP1st]

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