Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond Reportedly Drawing Interest From Different Teams

Wikimedia Commons/Keith AllisonAndre Drummond shooting a free throw

With trade talk in NBA circles currently focused on what is going on with Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony, the situation involving Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond has not received that much attention.

To be fair, Drummond’s situation is a bit different from the ones involving Irving and Anthony.

Irving and Anthony have made it known that they want to be moved, but Drummond, at least for now, has not.

Still, there is reportedly a chance that Drummond may be dealt to a new team sooner rather than later.

Over on Twitter, Sports Illustrated’s Jake Fischer shared that Drummond could be the next NBA star to be traded. Fischer even added that “many teams” are still interested in dealing for the star big man.

Those teams reportedly include the Toronto Raptors as well as the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings, a recent Sports Illustrated article said.

The New York Knicks have also been pointed to as a team that could end up with Drummond, but that may happen as part of a deal involving the aforementioned Anthony.

At first glance, the Pistons dealing Drummond may seem like a strange idea.

Drummond is still on the good side of 25 and seems like the kind of high-upside player that a team like the Pistons should be trying to build around. Then again, the Pistons have not really gone anywhere with Drummond in the fold, and while he has earned an All-Star nod, his game still has numerous flaws that need to be improved.

Perhaps the Pistons have just surmised that there is no more room left for Drummond to improve and are willing to sell on him now as opposed to seeing his value drop if he posts a subpar season.

It is certainly a risky proposition for the Pistons to trade Drummond, but it is a move they may need to make if they feel that he has already reached his ceiling.

More news about the latest NBA trade rumors should be made available soon.

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