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DICKINSON — Business education is a staple at Dickinson State University.

It started at Dickinson Normal School in 1927 and continues today as DSU’s largest area of study.

As part of a five-year strategic plan launched in 2012, DSU has been granted approval from the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education to transition from the Department of Business and Management to the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, according to a recent announcement by the university.

Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, SoBE is offering five bachelor fields of study – accounting, administration, finance, human resource management and international business – along with an associate’s degree program and three certificate programs.

“It’s grown into something that’s much larger than a department,” said Holly Gruhlke, chair of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship. “The re-titling of the department to the School of Business and Entrepreneurship is recognizing that that structure has changed; we no longer fall under the department umbrella.”

This change also coincides with the Small Business Development Center being added to the campus last year, serving as an entrepreneurship outreach to the community.

“With the combination of those two events, we wanted to align our curriculum for our students more correctly with where we were and how we can help them,” said Dr. Thomas Mitzel, Dickinson State University president. “Entrepreneurship right now has become such a major focus across the U.S. One of the things that’s talked about for the U.S. to remain competitive going forward is that we need to be producing more entrepreneurs. People learn about entrepreneurship in various ways, but if we can help with that aspect, then we’re doing our jobs much better and preparing our students.”

Patrick Bernadeau is an education reporter for the Dickinson Press. He can be reached at his office number (701) 456-1211 or email him at pbernadeau@thedickinsonpress.com.

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