Diplomacy Meets Business Series debuts on October 11 |

The International Perspective for Policy and Governance (IPPG), is set to roll out the maiden edition of Diplomacy Meets Business Series, a breakfast networking meeting to bring the diplomatic community closer to startup companies, young entrepreneurs and private business executives in Ghana on Wednesday October 11, 2017.

The initiative is to create a platform for these two distinct groups to meet, share ideas and identify areas of possible collaboration and assistance to boost the reach, operations and successes of entrepreneurship and the private sector in Ghana.

According to Mr. Seth Owusu – Mante Jnr, the Executive Secretary of IPPG, the series is also to help startup companies, young business executives, and entrepreneurs to expand their reach and business network to the international level, and also learn from the success stories in other countries through direct contact and access created by the diplomatic representations in Ghana.

The spotlight for the maiden edition would fall on Mexico. The resilient Central America country is quickly becoming an emerging business heavyweight with its economic output as measured by GDP hitting $2.2 trillion in 2015.

As a land of opportunities, Mexico has become a hub for flourishing entrepreneurs and businesses. Entrepreneurs and businesses are thriving, producing wealth in an environment of sharing knowledge, respecting cultures and traditions, fostering open communication and applying universal values in every case.

The Deputy Ambassador of Mexico, H.E. Marcos Moreno, would lead discussions at the series in sharing information on the business and entrepreneurship climate in Mexico, successful business sectors in Mexico, and how young entrepreneurs and businesses can be linked to their counterparts in Mexico to expand their reach and network.

He would also touch on exchange programs and other opportunities available for startups and entrepreneurs in Ghana to explore and further touch on visa related issues and travelling to Mexico, among others.

The Diplomacy Meets Business is an initiative of the International Perspective for Policy & Governance (IPPG), a foreign affairs and international relations think tank through its youth empowerment brand, Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG).

The program is strictly by invitation and also open to those who are able to register to participate in the session.

Source: Young Diplomats of Ghana


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