Director of Digital Marketers India Delivered Entrepreneurship Session to 150+ Participants

(MENAFN Editorial) Ashvini Vyas, who is more popularly known as Ash Vyas on global platform was invited by (Uka Tarsadia University) as a keynote speaker to benefit MBA students of the SRIMCA College in Bardoli. Ash Vyas, director and CEO of Digital Marketers India, gave her presence at the stated event to deliver seminar to 150+ participants in the event. The participants were a mix of MBA students, college faculty members and event organizers. The seminar was delivered on the subject: How to Have a Dream Startup?.

Ash Vyas shared her unusual and full of odds story of establishing her own startup, namely, Digital Marketers India. Moreover, she benefited students with some hands on tips to start a business and achieve massive success in life and business as professionals. The whole seminar was segmented into 4 different parts stated below:

1. Startup story of Digital Marketers India and Struggles faced by the owner of the company
2. How Digital Marketing startup received remarkable success within 6 months?
3. Top 10 Mistakes Made by Indian Startups which kill it to death
4. Top 10 Success Tips to be applied to fuel up business growth

The seminar received a great response from participants and organizers. Below is the recitation of audience reaction:
We were amazed with such a different story of Ashvini. We still failed to figure out how she made her business and herself so motivated and successful even after having so much of struggle and problems. We felt highly motivated and inspired by her stories.

She is a great storyteller. It was almost 3.5 hours long seminar, but none of us found it monotonous or didnt find urge to get it finished. We wanted it to keep going on. The things made her different than other speakers are she gives real examples which we all face in our life and she also given solutions to overcome those problems.

The organizer of the event shared, She traveled overnight and came at the venue since 5 am and the seminar started at 8:30. She has been energetic throughout the seminar which is remarkable. She shared the stats which shows how successful she is, and serving big international companies with her digital marketing and business consulting services. Also, she takes sessions for an international audience. Even after all these in her court, she has been so down to earth, quick to respond since beginning of the discussion and kind enough to help all of us and our students. We are touched by her entrepreneurial and human spirits. We are looking forward to have a few more seminars or workshop with her for our University.

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