District 10 financially in ‘solid shape’ | Local News

Hemingford School District #10 is financially in solid shape.

After reviewing a packet of information during their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 11, which included figures for the last 14 years, the Board of Education unanimously accepted the proposed 2017-2018 District 10 budget of $9,251,824. This figure includes $1,287,000 in the Special Building Fund and $1,300,000 in Cash reserve.

Superintendent Casper Ningen presented the information to the Board, noting that the conservative way the District is saving money and spending money is going to take great care of them.

“We’re in solid shape financially,” he said.

The Board also unanimously accepted the proposed 2017-2018 District Tax Request of $4,823,991.87 for General Fund and $404,040.40 in Special Building Fund requests, a lowering not only in an overall levy from 0.791542 to 0.785985, but also a lowering of actual dollars requested from $ 5,253,284.80 to $5,228,032.27, the first in many years.

“We have a very strong financial standing, and with continued prudence and good planning, our District can continue to be strong,” Superintendent Ningen stated.

In other news, the Board discussed or took action on the following items:

• The board heard continued support for District use of Local Substitute teachers from all administrators, and voted (6-0) to approve.

• The annual list of coaches and activity sponsors was presented to the board, and was tabled until the October meeting for approval. Discussion centered on assignments that may no longer be needed, such as freshman coaches in Basketball and Volleyball. Our district largely has fewer and fewer freshman games or contests, and rarely has a separate team or coach just for those teams. The list will be reconsidered in one month.

• Policies that address board officer elections, Employee’s  personal fundraising, students removal from school, Health and Human services coordination, Internet privacy protection, Free and Reduced meals, and school food procurement were passed on second reading, with 203.01 also passed , waiving a second reading. (6-0)

Administrative reports presented during Monday night’s meeting included the following:

Elementary Principal/DIS, Mr. Arneson – Spoke regarding testing schedules, cooling issues with the elementary Chiller, Upcoming Crisis/Law Enforcement coordination training for staff, and a writing frameworks effort the district is making through a consultant that will be spending time in our district.

High School Principal, Mr. Kluver  – Spoke about adding Ag Business as an approved Business Education class; talked about changing beginning and ending times of the school day to facilitate schedules and state requirements, and adjusting the requirements of our after school study program (SST) so that students needed to come in for 50 percent of the time offered each week to receive consideration for avoiding ineligibility.

Special Education Director, Mrs. Plog  – Was pleased with a recent visit from a state vision consultant; reported on an upcoming Early Childhood open house, and shared that our school now has two twitter accounts, one maintained by the HHS student council, and one by Mrs. Plog, which will be the official twitter account for the district.

Superintendent – Mr. Ningen – Shared a written report that will be provided annually from Box Butte County Roads Supervisor Barb Keegan outlining goals, budgeting factors, prioritizing roads that included mail routes and school bus routes, continuing a high level of responsiveness with District 10 concerning needs, and the road materials in use currently that were no longer holding up as once they did, due to increased traffic. Mr. Ningen also shared enrollment figures that showed 109 students opting into our district for classes from other nearby districts, while 16 District 10 students opt out to other districts. Class sizes this fall show another increase for District 10, where we have a history over the past 15 years of continued growth.

The Board’s next regular meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 9.

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