Doc: Bland County’s social media superstar | News

Meet Doc, a lucky little orange kitty saved from certain death by Bland County resident Chuck Johnson and now the subject of a Facebook page that adds followers every day.

When Johnson reached down to pick him up from underneath a Wytheville loading dock six weeks ago, Doc’s eyes were still closed and he weighed only 3 ounces. Kittens normally open their eyes seven to 10 days after birth.

Johnson immediately called his wife, Becky, who ran to Petco for a bottle and kitten formula. Together, they took turns feeding the kitten, which required a meal at least four times each day.

It was Chuck who came up with the name Doc.

“He was found under a loading dock; he just took the “k” off,” Becky Johnson explained.

Quickly under Doc’s spell, Chuck, Becky and daughter Regan began to document the orange one’s journey on their Facebook pages.

“Every time we posted, we got so many hits and comments,” she said. “I jokingly said he needs his own Facebook page. Chuck said he doesn’t have an email, so he can’t have one. Regan said, ‘I’m on it.’”

In minutes, Doc had his own public official Facebook page, “Hi, I’m Doc.” That was a week ago, and Doc has already gathered 250 followers, who tune in to watch a video of him pestering Becky while she is on the computer or playing with his buddy Ellie, Regan’s hound dog mix.

“It’s kind of a family venture,” Becky said “We have people commenting on him, and we have no idea who they are. People have liked the page and shared it.”

Doc has a local following, too. He’s already stopped by the Bland County Public Library and has been tapped to be the mascot for Bland County Heritage Day on Aug. 19.

“We may not post as much as he gets older,” Becky said. “I think eventually the interest will die down because he won’t be as cute. We’ll have to see.”

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