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Over 1,700 potential sorority members woke up early on Tuesday, Aug. 8 to visit 11 of the 18 sororities they may potentially join, with around 1,500 of them being incoming freshman. The women who participate will have the opportunity to meet all of the sororities the University of Georgia has to offer before hopefully accepting a bid.

This year’s recruitment is different than it has been in previous years. This change is because the fall semester start date is on a Monday this year rather than a Thursday. However, Rebecca Pannek, the president of the UGA Panhellenic Council, said in an email that no problems arose from the change and was only a scheduling change.

“This year we don’t have a two day gap in the middle of the recruitment process that we took for classes to begin,” said Pannek. “Instead, [we] have six continuous days. With classes beginning on a Monday, we are able to fully complete the recruitment rounds before classes begin.”

Potential sorority members will go through two rounds of recruitment, the first consisting of meeting sororities and the second is when students revisit a smaller number of sororities. Bid day is on the first day of classes, Aug. 14.

Many freshmen said they are excited about recruitment, and look forward to meeting new people as they go through the recruitment process.

Abbie Thomson, a freshman exercise and sports science major from Alpharetta, said she seeing how much other people have enjoyed their sororities was what initially prompted her to rush at UGA.

“I’ve always seen everyone’s pictures and how they make all these wonderful friends,” Thomson said. “Meeting a bunch of new people other than all the people I went to highschool with will be nice, I think it will be nice to branch out.”

Some women have mothers who were in sororities when they were at UGA. Milan Suktankar, a freshman biology major from Roswell, said her mother was in a sorority, but that she made the decision to rush because she wanted to find her place at UGA.

“I wanted to make a bigger school feel small,” Suktankar said. “I really wanted to be able to find a smaller group of friends that I would be able to get really close with.”

Melissa Tyson, a freshman economics major from Canton, said she also wants to find a place at UGA, and is hopeful that she will find that place in one of the sororities.

“I really just want a smaller group of friends,” Tyson said. “It would be nice to just have a common place to meet up and to be able to meet new people.”

While most years are difficult due to heat, this year women have had to battle against scattered showers. Pannek said all of the sororities have taken steps to keeping everyone as dry as possible throughout the day.

“Each sorority has a plan for keeping participants dry throughout the process- so far, so good,” Panneck said.

Despite the all of the walking and the long day, Thomson said she has had “so much fun” rushing and is looking forward to the rest of the week.

“It’s a long, tiring day but it’s definitely worth it,” Thomson said. “I’m really excited even though it’s only been one day so far.”

Suktankar said she has felt nervous about rushing, but said she is glad she has been able to meet so many new people.

“It has been really exciting,” Suktankar said. “Sometimes I’ve been a little nervous, but overall it’s been so fun so far.”

Both Tyson and Suktankar also said the long, hectic days of rushing have been a fun and exciting experience for them.

“It’s been crazy but I’ve loved it,” Tyson said. “I love talking to new people, it’s just really fun meeting everyone.”

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