Dressel Named USA Swimming Athlete of the Year – ESPN 98.1

Two-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Caeleb Dressel was named USA Swimming Athlete of the Year this past weekend.

Olympic Gold Medalist

Dressel made a name for himself at the Rio 2016 Olympics, where he earned two gold medals: one in the 4×100 meter freestyle and one in the 4×100 meter medley relay.

2017 FINA World Championships

This year, Dressel spent his summer breaking records. After competing in the 2017 FINA World Championships, he won seven gold medals. These gold medals include:

  • 50 meter free
  • 100 meter free
  • 100 meter fly
  • Men’s 400 meter medley relay
  • Mixed 400 meter medley relay
  • Men’s 400 meter free relay
  • Mixed 400 meter free relay

Earning seven gold medals at the FINA World Championships ties a record set by Michael Phelps in 2007. Dressel won three of these gold medals on the same day. He is the first person to ever complete that accomplishment. In total, Dressel set three American records and two world records at the 2017 FINA World Championships.

Swimmer + Student

Dressel is in his senior year at the University of Florida. His achievements earned him the honors of the Florida Gators’ “Mr. Two Bits” during Saturday’s football game against Tennessee. Dressel was met with many cheers from the Swamp.

He will be back in action swimming this weekend with the Gators, as they participate in the All-Florida Invitational.

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