EDITORIAL: End international student recruitment | Opinion

Doane has been sending faculty to China and other Asian countries to try to recruit students to campus for several years now.

While this was a great initiative to think about when President Carter started his presidency at Doane University, the initiative ultimately failed after years in the making.

As stated in the article on page three, Doane has continuously seen no increase in international students and usually the number is under five students at any given year.

One faculty member just got back from China and one was sent earlier this summer; this follows trips where faculty have been going to China, sometimes in groups, to recruit students, but to no avail. This costs a lot of time and money for Doane.

The administration should stop sending faculty to China to recruit international students. Trying to keep a failing concept going only hurts others- and these people will be faculty and students when Doane can no longer afford something because of the expenses of recruiting students.

The article also states that professors on campus find the recruiting process in place cumbersome because they receive no warning before international students reach their classroom. International students learn at a different rate than American students. This means that professors have to take more time teaching international students with limited resources because they weren’t prepared for them to be in their classroom.

If professors were notified sooner, they would be able to prepare to teach international students and that would allow the student to get the full education that they were expecting traveling all the way to America for.

Faculty additionally accused Carter of calling international students “cash cows.” This term is inappropriate, dehumanizing and wrong if used for Doane students, especially because we only recruit low numbers, which in fact, does not bring in cash.

Faculty is also using this “cash” to go all the way to China and spend a lot of time there to convince universities to send students to Doane.

To save time, money and resources, Doane should stop trying to recruit international students and focus elsewhere on other initiatives that could use more help in transforming Doane into a better university.

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