Emily Ratajkowksi calls out magazine for Photoshopping her breasts

Emily has called out a French magazine for being heavy-handed with the airbrush (Picture: Getty)

Emily Ratajkowksi has hit out after a magazine Photoshopped her lips and breasts on their front cover.

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The 26-year-old appeared on the front cover of Madame Figaro, wearing an open black coat that exposed her cleavage and a leather beret.

But Emily later noticed that some of her trademark features had been edited.

She took to Instagram to show the unedited picture from the shoot, alongside the French magazine.

On the front cover, it appeared that Emily’s breasts had been lifted, while her plump lips had been downsized.

Emily wrote: ‘Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own ways. We all have insecurities about the things that make us different from a typical ideal of beauty.

‘I, like so many of us, try every day to work past those insecurities.

‘I was extremely disappointed to see my lips and breasts altered in photoshop on this cover.

‘I hope the fashion industry will finally learn to stop trying to stifle the things that make us unique and instead begin to celebrate individuality.’

The model, who first found fame in the video for Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, was praised in the comments section for speaking out against excessive Photoshopping.

Emily is far from the first star to call out magazines over their aggressive retouching.

Zendaya previously called out Modeliste for slimming her legs down for a shoot, while Lorde has outed those editing her pictures and smoothing her skin on numerous occasions.

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