Emu wrangled after escaping OstrichLand USA in Buellton

BUELLTON, Calif. – A female emu was wrangled by CHP troopers and animal rescue volunteers after escaping the popular OstrichLand USA in Buellton Tuesday afternoon. 

California Highway Patrol responded to Buellton for a report of a large bird that was running in the roadway near Highway 101.

According to the CHP online traffic log, an ostrich was reported running around the busy highway just after 3:20 p.m. 

We were later informed that the animal was in fact an older female emu. Both types of large birds can be found at OstrichLand USA.

The bird was spotted near the US 101 and Santa Rosa intersection near a blueberry farm.

Animal Rescue Team Inc., located in the Santa Ynez Valley, assisted CHP troopers in wrangling the emu. 

According to Animal Rescue Team Inc., the emu suffered a few cuts and scrapes but was for the most part uninjured.

The emu was eventually returned to OstrichLand USA where it will undergo a veterinary evaluation.

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