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New data hub to help drive UK transport innovation

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A platform which provides analysis of road travel and haulage patters to help address challenges in transport has been launched.

The Transport Systems Catapult’s (TSC) ‘Intelligent Mobility Data Hub’ (IMDH) currently stores data sets from government organisations, transport and technology firms.

Businesses will be able to use the information to tackle issues such as pollution, congestion and journey planning.

According to the TSC, £14 billion of potential benefits could be gained from better use of data in the transportation sector.

CEO Pail Campion added: “Data is the key which unlocks the door to transport innovation but too often transport data is locked within commercial and technical siloes, inhibiting collaboration and innovation.

“This new facility will allow UK companies to grow by offering new services to travellers, unlocking the door to innovations which were not possible before.”

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