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ORK – A partnership between the York Chamber of Commerce, York County Development and the local public school system introduced a whole new world to a dozen middle school students this summer.

EntrepreneurShip Investigation Camp builds young business men and women in a week of progressive learning, and then culminates when each youngster goes onto Lincoln Avenue in York to sell the product of his or her self-created business.

This year goods ranged from solar-powered, shine-anywhere table lamps to tee shirts, handmade leather bracelets, clever and artistically decorated Mason jars and more.

“Another great ESI Camp is in the books,” read a report in the York Chamber’s member newsletter. “The Chamber along with York County Development and York Public Schools are so proud of the accomplishments of the 12 participating students from St. Joseph’s, Emmanuel and York Public Schools. We watched students grow in many ways, but confidence was where we noticed it most.”

All students made money this year and one pocketed more than $600.

The Chamber confirmed that, to no one involved in the camp’s surprise, plans for the unique adventure are already in motion for next summer.

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ESI is described as an exciting, interactive and comprehensive curriculum project designed for youth, ages 10-19. ESI uses a variety of tools to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills and find their business niche. Through exciting activities, case studies and current technology, participants are transformed into budding entrepreneurs.

After completing all levels of the curriculum, youth will have the skills and tools to start their own business, as well as have a completed business and marketing plan – the “road map” to the entrepreneur’s success.

Finally, participants will learn that they can do all of these things without moving to a large city. The ESI curriculum provides an opportunity to reach young people; enabling them to explore opportunities they can create for themselves with the support of their community.

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