Entrepreneurship is the way to go – IN SCHOOL

A widening spectrum

Choosing career options post-school is tedious as well as tricky. The spectrum has certainly widened, and many new career opportunities for students have opened up. Entrepreneurship has been a buzzword but not many students are sure whether to get into it or not. The reason is the lack of guidance and training.

Entrepreneurship is seen as a challenging, unconventional and an instable field. But, a majority of the revolutionary innovations in the 21st century have happened thanks to young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, not only from India but across the globe. At our school, we make sure that our students are well-versed with prospective careers, and we often offer counselling sessions, workshops and interactive talks.

Bharthi Kukkal


Kendriya Vidyalaya 2,

Delhi Cantonment,

New Delhi.

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