Epic Success Event to Fuel the Fire of Entrepreneurship in the Midwest

Epic Success in the Midwest is seeking contributors for an upcoming event, which will foster growth of businesses in the midwest.

(Newswire.net — August 17, 2017) Hudson, WI — Some leaders believe that the pursuit of a higher-performing business is its own reward. Those who rise to the challenge and feel the exhilaration of every step that brings them closer to their vision require no outside motivation. They are inspired by the challenge itself. 

If you continue to aspire to achieve an elite business, one that represents the very best of what business can be, then perhaps you are among the relentless few who will not stop until they own it. If so, we’d like to introduce you to Epic Success in the Midwest, an event for business owners and leaders who are raising the bar of business achievement for themselves and their organizations. 

Founded by a group of visionaries in the Midwest, and led by Paul Cronin, the goal of Epic Success in the Midwest is to help businesses achieve results that bring about what’s best for owners and workforces. 

  • Provide an annual forum for passionate, performance-driven business owners and their teams 
  • Create a community rooted in the Midwest, whose common goal is to meet or exceed the achievements of the nation’s top-performing privately held businesses 
  • Introduce thought leaders and advisors who can help owners and leaders break through barriers and scale up their businesses 
  • Create a hotbed for economic growth and development 

In order to kick-off this initiative, we will host a very special event in September 2018. The event promises to be a day of celebration and opportunity as the best and brightest business owners assemble together to fuel the fire of entrepreneurship and foster its growth. 

Work is underway for the 2018 event. In anticipation, we are seeking a core group of leaders who will help to spread the word throughout their circles of influence. We are also seeking a handful of sponsors who will share the stage and provide breakout sessions where participants can network and brainstorm.  

If you feel inspired, I welcome you to play an integral part in Epic Success in the Midwest. Please contact us https://spiritofbusinesssuccess.com/contact/. Wwill then discuss how best to utilize your much-appreciated talents and efforts.

Thank you in advance for your interest in what we believe will be an exciting evolution of business in the Midwest.

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