Ethiopia: Coffee Dominates Commodity Trade

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has traded commodities worth 1.1 billion Br in the month of July. Among the commodities, coffee took the significant share, contributing 13,927tn or 70.96pc of the trading value.

The export of coffee alone accounted for 68.43pc of the volume, with an amount of 7,841tn of unwashed coffee being traded for a total of 467 million Br.

When it comes to local consumption, unwashed coffee contributed 68.91pc with 2,635tn of coffee that was sold for 129 million Br. In this regard, Neqemte and Jimma were reportedly the major contributors of coffee in the past month.

In addition to coffee, 12,660tn of sesame was traded at a cost of 317 million Br with the largest share coming from Humera. White pea bean is the third highest traded commodity with 1,850tn.

Compared to the month of June, the price of sesame has shown the biggest increase in July, at 13.20pc, whereas the price of coffee showed an increase of 1.39pc.

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