EU’s top Brexit negotiator warns David Davis UK must agree to pay ‘divorce bill’ for talks to progress

The UK must set out whether it is willing to pay a divorce bill before departure talks with the European Union can progress to a future trade deal, the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator has said. 

Michel Barnier suggested it would be all but impossible for talks to move forward unless the UK makes clear where it stands on the issue of the “Brexit bill” as he warned that “accounts must be settled”. 

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, said the UK would meet its obligations but he would not be drawn on specific sums as the two men conducted a joint press conference in Brussels. 

Meanwhile, Mr Barnier said that the EU and the UK have “fundamental” disagreements over the issue of citizens’ rights. 

Mr Barnier said: “A clarification of the UK position (on the bill) is indispensable for us to negotiate and for us to make sufficient progress on this financial dossier, which is inseparable from the other…

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