Exhausted? Find out how much sleep you’ve actually lost as a parent :: WRAL.com

How much sleep have you really lost since your first child was born? Probably, a lot.

And now, bleary-eyed parents can get the exact number (or, as exact as anything like this is) with a new online calculator courtesy of Hillarys, a UK-based online seller of window coverings.

The Lost Sleep Calculator lets you just key in the age of your kids so it can calculate the hours, days and months of sleep that you’ve lost, along with the number of diapers (or nappies, as the calculator says) that you’ve changed, the bedtime stories read and lullabies warbled.

Apparently, during my more than 12 years as a parent, I’ve lost 6,660 hours of sleep, which is equal to 278 days or nine months.

How much sleep have you lost? Check out the calculator for yourself.

I’m going to take a nap.

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