‘Extra Energy set debt collectors on us for £83 we’d already paid’

Four months ago I changed my gas and electricity supplier away from Extra Energy. I paid the final £83.52 bill and Extra Energy cashed the cheque two weeks later. Since then I have received daily phone calls requesting payment.

I was able to quote the cheque number and amount but was not believed. For three weeks I was hassled relentlessly by Extra Energy.

After that I began receiving phone calls from a debt collection agency. I then asked my building society to trace the payment that was registered on my online account. In due course it sent me a letter indicating that the bill had indeed been paid.

Ken Blackwell, Lancs

The building society confirmed your £83.52 had been correctly sent to Extra Energy’s bank, together with other payments for Extra Energy amounting to £21,068 in all. It gave the account number the money had gone into.

You sent a copy of this to Extra Energy thinking that was the last you would hear of it. Instead the calls from the debt collection agent continued unabated.

When the debt collection agency denied any knowledge of the letter from the building society, you sent it a copy by recorded delivery. Even that did not do the trick.

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