Fairfield church announces university, college fair

<br /> The Week Ahead: Fairfield church announces university, college fair


FAIRFIELD — Mount Calvary Baptist Church will host the 18th annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Recruitment Fair from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday at 1735 Enterprise Drive, Building 3.

This free event will have admissions recruiters from more than 40 schools who will be available for on-the-spot admissions and scholarships for qualified students. All high school and college students are welcome to attend. Parents are welcome.

Representatives from more than 50 colleges and universities typically attend the recruitment fair.

Students need to bring official copies of transcripts and completed applications for each school to which they are applying.

The event is sponsored by Mount Calvary’s Scholarship Ministry with College Action Network.

To register, go to www.gotocollegefairs.com.

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