Federer tops Querrey to put Team Europe in command of Laver Cup

Team Europe, captained by Bjorn Borg, got off to a strong start on Saturday thanks to Roger Federer’s win over Sam Querrey. (AP)

Team World is in a world of trouble at the Laver Cup. After losing three of the inaugural event’s first four matches on Friday, American Sam Querrey couldn’t match—or exceed—Roger Federer’s level on the second day of play. With the Swiss’ comprehensive, 6-4, 6-2 victory, Team Europe earned two points (Saturday’s matches are each worth two points) to take a 5-1 overall lead in the competition.

Despite not playing on Friday, Federer played a role in the matches, joining team captain Bjorn Borg to help counsel his teammates during changeovers:

Today, Federer let his racquet do the talking, exhibiting his trademark finesse when opportunities allowed:

He was also on the receiving end of player counsel—from none other than Rafael Nadal, who he’ll be playing doubles in Saturday’s final match:

All in all, it was an enjoyable and productive match for Federer, and it puts the away side in something close to a must-win position. Keep in mind that with Sunday’s matches each being worth three points, a team can accumulate 12 points by sweeping the Sunday set—which even for Team World would be enough to clinch the Cup. But it’s surely not a position Team World would like to find itself in.

Here are the remainder of Saturday’s Laver Cup matches:


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