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Officially launched in July, Femology Detroit, a new downtown Detroit-based women-only business lounge, seeks to provide a space to support the modern womanpreneur. Founded by Detroit entrepreneur and brand expert Meagan Ward along with business partner Ashleigh Brock, Femology Detroit hopes to fill the physical void that exists for women entrepreneurs in need of flexible and supportive workspaces.

“I know for the women here in our community, we’re always meeting at a coffee shop. I started to think what if we had this home that birthed businesses. A place for women that are building, not only in entrepreneurship, but also rising up the corporate ladder. Where can you go where you feel supported and you feel like it’s home where you can create the life that you dream of? This [Femology Detroit] stems from experiencing that void with my clients,” Ward said. “Our power in business is bigger than we know and I think we need to understand that.”

Also, the founder of Creatively Flawless, a branding firm for women entrepreneurs, recognizes that other shared workspaces exist, but what sets Femology apart is that it is about meeting the unique needs of women.

“They all had a masculine edge and didn’t directly support the dynamics of women in business. With many women-owned businesses growing within Detroit, it was time that we had a space that was dedicated to us and for us,” she said.

“My purpose is women. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered how I can help women. I want to brand women just like me. Women who are just starting out or launching who have a passion for what they do and want to turn that into profitable business.”

A major component of Femology’s mission is to not only encourage entrepreneurship, but also collaboration and support among like-minded women.

“We’re huge on collaboration. Every opportunity that I’ve been given has been given to me by a woman. I definitely wanted that energy and vibe to be present in our community. With Femology, we wanted it to not only serve as a business launch for women, but to be that symbolism for collaboration and community. We’re going to be focusing on really restructuring our mindset and understanding our value,” Ward said.

Located at 553 East Jefferson Ave. in downtown Detroit, Femology’s central location is ideal for any woman on the move who needs a space to work, host meetings, workshops and social events. The 5,000 square foot space located in the Charles Trombly House can accommodate more than 100 woman-owned businesses.

Femology offers three membership options ranging from $25 per day to $79 or $129 per month, giving members the opportunity to choose the best option for their unique business needs. Each price point provides access to a feminine and stylish workspace with complimentary tea, coffee and snacks, conference room availability and Wi-Fi access.

To become a member of Femology Detroit or to acquire more information, visit http://www.femologydetroit.com.

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