Floydada proud to be Pumpkin Capital USA


If you were to drive down the streets of Floydada, you may think the town started decorating for Halloween a little bit early.

Large fiberglass pumpkins can be spotted on street corners and businesses.

“Floydada is Pumpkin Capital USA, but the history of the pumpkin goes way back,” said Tim Assiter, owner of Assiter Punkin Ranch.

Assiter knows a thing or two about pumpkins.

“When Coronado came across the Santa Fe Expedition is the first recorded pumpkin here,” Assiter said.

Assiter said his family began growing pumpkins in the 1960’s.

“We have one family who drove in for many years from Austin just to get a pumpkin from Floydada,” Assiter said.

Assiter said people travel from all over the world to buy a pumpkin from Pumpkin Capital USA.

“We have had a lot of visitors even from foreign countries,” he said.

When visitors arrive, a Floydada sign greets them that reads “population 3,038.”

However that number jumps to more than 13,000 in 24 hours come the second weekend in October.

“We last year, had over 13,000 people, over 100 vendors, so in 30 years, it has really grown a lot,” said Kalli Martin, President of the Floydada Chamber of Commerce.

Martin said a small group of residents started the Punkin’ Days festival in 1987.

“They threw it together I think a week before the event,” Martin said.

Now, 30 years later, the community has kept the tradition, but grown it. 

“Everybody just comes together and somehow it just works,” Martin said.

With another perfect patch of pumpkins on the way, they are already planning this year’s Punkin’ Days Festival.

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