Fox News is being taken off the air in the U.K. 

Rupert Murdoch (Photo: Getty Images, Drew Angerer)

America has exported a lot of horrible stuff to the rest of the world over the years, like fast food, war, and probably a whole bunch of poison gas and sewage, but one of the more annoying things we’ve dumped on another part of the world has got to be Fox News—which 21st Century Fox airs in the U.K. for some reason. To their credit, though, the people of England have now united in their common distaste for America’s right-wing bullshit factory, and 21st Century Fox has decided to stop broadcasting the network in the U.K. entirely.

In a surprisingly direct statement, the parent company explained that Fox News is “focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience,” so it only managed to average “a few thousand viewers across the day” in the United Kingdom. Apparently, people aren’t very interested in watching news reports that are exclusively about how terrible they are.

This comes from CNN, but there is another theory floating around that might shed even more light on why Fox decided to give up. Apparently, Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century Fox are very interested in buying out Sky, England’s biggest TV provider, and there were some concerns that Murdoch would have too much control over the British media if he were to own Sky and Fox News. Combine that with the many scandals that have rightfully tarnished the Fox News name, and it probably just made more sense for 21st Century Fox to ditch the struggling network entirely to avoid letting anyone look any closer into its inner-workings.

Whatever the reason, though, all that matters is that those lucky blokes across the pond have freed themselves from Fox News.

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