France Extends World Trophy Lead, USA 16th

2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results

As Team USA continues to struggle after its rider, Husqvarna pilot Thad Duvall suffered a wrist energy on day one, forcing him to retire, Team France continues to dominate the 2017 FIM International Six Days Enduro.

Team France (Jeremy Tarroux, Sherco; Loic Larrieu, Yamaha; Christophe Charlier, Husqvarna; Christophe Nambotin, KTM) was untouchable Tuesday during 2017 France ISDE Day 2.

France’s Christophe Nambotin (KTM)

When the 155-mile day run on the same course as Monday was complete, Team France extended its lead to 4:19 over Team Australia (Matthew Phillips, Sherco; Daniel Sanders, KTM; Daniel Milner, KTM; Joshua Green, Yamaha).

Finland is now in third, 5:49 behind Team France.

“I think that today will be the hardest of the race because of the heat and the tests being very rough,” says France team rider Christophe Nambotin. “For the French team it was another a good day, and for me it was also a good day.

“All of the team rode well and so far we have not had any problems, which is so important. With new special tests tomorrow I think it will be good for the French riders. Maybe we will have some rain, so things might get interesting.”

2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results: Team USA's Taylor Robert
Team USA’s Taylor Robert (KTM)

As for the FIM World Trophy Team USA (Ryan Sipes, Husqvarna; Kailub Russell, KTM; Taylor Robert, KTM; Duvall, Husqvarna), the now three-rider team remains 16th overall, nearly 10 hours behind.

It’s a different story in the FIM Junior World Trophy, though, where Team USA has taken the lead after Sweden – leaders at the end of day one – lost one of their team riders with a technical issue.

In the FIM Women’s World Trophy class Australia have taken a commanding lead over the USA with day one winners Spain dropping to ninth

2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results:  Jeremy Tarroux
Team France’s Jeremy Tarroux (Sherco)

The three fastest riders on day two of the ISDE were 250-f mounted riders Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna, Josep Garcia – KTM and Davide Guarneri – Honda. Separated by a little more than three seconds, Daniel Milner – KTM finished as the fastest Enduro 2 class rider in fourth overall. Christophe Nambotin- KTM was the fastest Enduro 3 class competitor in fifth overall, just nine seconds behind Sipes.

After two days of competition Italy’s Davide Guarneri – Honda leads the Enduro 1 class, close to sixteen seconds ahead of Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna with Josep Garcia – KTM third. Australia’s Daniel Milner – KTM has moved to the top of the Enduro 2 class standings, moving ahead of day one E2 class winner Christophe Charlier – Husqvarna by almost thirteen seconds.

Third in Enduro 2 is Loic Larrieu – Yamaha. Just seven seconds separate Christophe Nambotin – KTM and Taylor Robert – KTM at the top of the Enduro 3 class results with Spain’s Jaume Betriu – KTM third.

2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results:

  1. Christophe Nambotin, FRA, E3, 1:17:16.03 (KTM)
  2. Taylor Robert, USA, E3, +7.13 (KTM)
  3. Davide Guarneri, ITA, E1 +10.55 (HON)
  4. Ryan Sipes, USA, E1, +26.48 (HQV)
  5. Daniel Milner, AUS, E2, +27.12 (KTM)
  6. Josep Garcia, ESP, E1, +32.21 (KTM)
  7. Christophe Charlier, FRA, E2, +39.78 (HQV)
  8. Jeremy Tarroux, FRA, E1, +44.65 (SHE)
  9. Eero Remes, FIN, E1, +54.84 (TM)
  10. Loic Larrieu, FRA, E2, +58.34 (YAM)
  11. Albin Elowson, SWE, E2, +1:01.00 (HQV)
  12. Alex Salvini, ITA, E2,+1:21.95 (BET)
  13. Davide Soreca, ITA, E1, +1:40.45 (HON)
  14. Jaume Betriu, ESP, E3, +1:41.41 (KTM)
  15. Henric Stigell, FIN, E1, +1:53.35 (HQV)
  16. Daniel Sanders, AUS, E3, +1:53.49 (KTM)
  17.  Kailub Russell, USA, E2, +2:05.81 (KTM)
  18. Josh Green, AUS, E1, +2:08.44 (YAM)
  19. Matthew Phillips, AUS, E3, +2:13.28 (SHER)
  20. Josh Toth, USA, E1, +2:19.91 (YAM)

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