“Freebirds” Magazine Aims To Help

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – A free magazine for young girls is hot off the presses. “Freebirds” is aimed at instilling pride in young Mid-South girls. It’s local good news.

Flip through “Freebirds” magazine, and you’ll see articles of motivation for young girls here in the Bluff City.

“I recently became a mother which brought this love for girls and for women to the surface,” said ‘Freebirds’ Executive Director and Magazine Editor.

So, Dawn Ricks sat down in front of her computer and began typing.

“The purpose is to build confidence into girls by exposing them to new experiences, skills — things they’ve never seen before,” said Ricks.

‘Freebirds’ exposes girls to different cultures during local outings. The organization is named after Maya Angelou’s description of the “Free Bird” in her poem, ‘Caged Bird’.  Rick says getting some of those girls out of their cages, so to speak, means exposing them to new things.

“Some of them (things) include horseback riding. We’re going to do tennis, gardening, and we’re also going to do community service projects,” said Ricks.

Those experiences will go into each edition of the magazine. The editor hopes copies will make it into the hands of hundreds of girls in the Memphis area.

“I want them to be strong. I want them to be fearless — know that they can do anything,” said Ricks.

And that’s local good news.

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