‘Fuel increases stretch cash-strapped motorists’ – SA Petroleum Retail Association

2017-09-11 12:13

Johannesburg – Cash strapped motorists were this week faced with another fuel increase of 67c a litre while the price of diesel rose by 44c a litre more.

Vishal Premlall, director of the South African Petroleum Retail Association (SAPRA), says the primary reason for this increase can be attributed to the weakening rand against the dollar and the consequent price of crude.

Another increase ahead?

He also cautioned that if the price of oil continues with its upward trend, there could be a further increase in the coming months.

Premlall was clear to clarify any misconceptions that the increases could be attributable to wages. He said the wage portion, which is an annual adjustment that gets done once a ye South African Petroleum Retail Associationar in September, accounted for only 4.6 cpl.

He cautioned motorists who are feeling the pinch to try and plan their trips more carefully and take advantage of lift clubs.

Premlall said: “Unfortunately the knock on effect will also probably impact on taxi fares which are expected to increase by R1 and R5 per journey. Fuel efficiency is a big consideration these days. Fuel is not cheap and many people spend a larger portion of their salaries each month on fuel to commute.”

He believes that the most fuel-efficient engines in the current market are diesel: “Diesel engine technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade and most certainly in the last five years, proving that this technology is becoming the one of choice.

“European countries are, by far, at the forefront of diesel powered use and the rapid expansion will see diesel powered passenger vehicles become the vehicle of choice in the near future probably surpassing all other forms of power.”

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