Further questions over ‘Making Tax Digital’ as HMRC demands 83 year-old for 7p

Sarah Ghaffari, a tax expert at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, said that after simple assessment is introduced pensioners will need to log in to their personal tax account to check their calculated liability is correct.

“The personal tax account is already live but not every piece of information is moving through yet,” she added. “Eventually companies which pay dividends to people will need to find a way to update those accounts and everything will be there.

“They haven’t got the whole picture in there yet and unfortunately that means people will still need to contact HMRC.”

She also said that the full implications of Making Tax Digital are not yet clear and the situation could still change before 2020. The first legislation relating to it will be announced next month, although this is expected to focus solely on VAT with income tax to follow at a later date.

An HMRC spokesman insisted there will always be an option to continue receiving tax information on paper. On simple assessment, he added: “We will be  sending  taxpayers a Simple Assessment notice, setting out their tax liability without the need for them to submit a self-assessment return at all.”

Telegraph Money first contacted HMRC querying the treatment of Mr Doe on August 1.

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