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As avid supporters of entrepreneurship, Future Generation Marketing has stated how they are actively promoting the benefits of life as an entrepreneur, in the wake of a study into entrepreneurial happiness.

Future Generation Marketing

Future Generation Marketing is supporters of entrepreneurship within their industry. They play an integral role in developing the next generation of successful entrepreneurs through their competitive business development programme. The programme prepares new entrepreneurs for a future of business ownership and teaches them the skills and qualities required to flourish in the sales and marketing industry.

About Future Generation Marketing: http://www.futuregenerationmarketing.co.uk/

The company is big supporters of entrepreneurship due to the highly rewarding lifestyle gains. Entrepreneurs have greater control over their future; Future Generation Marketing sees entrepreneurship as the new pension plan. There is also an uncapped earning potential with entrepreneurship with a self-motivated entrepreneur having the chance to grow their business and income continuously. Entrepreneurship also enables a person to build success on their terms, and as a result, they gain the freedom to spend more time doing what is important to them.

The latest edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that a study of 197 000 entrepreneurs across 70 countries found a link between entrepreneurial spirit and relative well-being; primarily, entrepreneurs live happier lives. The reasons cited weren’t necessarily the financial rewards, the survey found that the process and lifestyle of freedom and choice when being an entrepreneur is valued above the material benefits.

Located in Manchester, Future Generation Marketing is a sales and marketing firm specialising in a unique form of marketing that allows a brand to connect with their customers and interact with them on a face-to-face basis. This effective marketing approach used by Future Generation Marketing has proven to increase sales and boost brand recognition for companies across the UK. The company have always been advocates of entrepreneurship and help to develop their contractors into successful entrepreneurs through regular training workshops, monthly seminars, and mentoring.


Source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/entrepreneurs-lead-happier-lives-global-study-finds/

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