GA Telesis Announces Launch of $500 Million GAIN 2 Fund

Telesis, LLC
(“GA Telesis”) and Wafra Capital Partners Inc. (“WCP
Inc.”) jointly announced today that GA Telesis has raised a new $500
million investment vehicle from institutional and private clients
advised by WCP Inc. to establish a second aviation investment vehicle
focused on aircraft and engine investment opportunities. This capital
raise constitutes the second round of funding from WCP Inc.

The vehicle will be named GA Telesis Aviation Investments 2 LLC (“GAIN
2”) and will be managed by GA Telesis Capital
Management, LLC
, a wholly owned subsidiary of GA Telesis. Together
with this capital raise, GA Telesis’ own capital, and existing credit
facilities, GA Telesis Aviation Investments LLC’s capacity for
investments is up to $2 billion.

In 2014, GA Telesis and WCP Inc. launched GAIN 1. The vehicle’s realized
performance to date has exceeded expectations on a broad range of
investments in commercial
aircraft and engine leases
. Almost all assets in GAIN 1 have been

GAIN 2 will seek to make investments in commercial aircraft, engines,
airport infrastructure equipment and new generation component
inventories, for long-term or short-term lease and financing. GAIN 2 has
the broad flexibility to make investments with a variety of durations
over a wide range of asset types and across the capital structure. GA
Telesis currently owns and manages a fleet of 30 aircraft and 60 engines
and has disassembled an unprecedented 300 aircraft and 700 engines since

“We achieved a significant realized return for WCP Inc. in the original
GAIN vehicle,” commented GA Telesis CEO, Abdol Moabery. “We are pleased
to be WCP’s ongoing strategic aviation investment partner with the
launch of GAIN 2 and this is yet another affirmation of GA Telesis’
ability to raise capital and deliver on an impressive record of
identifying and managing aviation investments.”

“Partnering with GA Telesis in GAIN 1 delivered excellent returns.
Naturally, we are thrilled to invest in GAIN 2 alongside this successful
management team,” said Michael Gontar, Chief Investment Officer of WCP

About GA Telesis

GA Telesis is the global provider of integrated aviation solutions
serving the aviation and aerospace industries. The Company helps its
customers achieve higher levels of performance by creating
custom-tailored, multi-faceted solutions integrating its financial asset
structuring expertise with component supply chain solutions, jet engine,
aircraft systems and aerostructures MRO services. GA Telesis serves over
2,000 customers on six continents supporting all Airbus, Boeing,
Bombardier and Embraer aircraft as well as CFM International, General
Electric, International Aero Engines, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce
jet engines.

About WCP Inc.

WCP Inc., a New York-based SEC-registered investment adviser, provides
investment advisory services to its clients and focuses on structuring
and advising investment vehicles, on a principally Shariah-compliant
basis, in the asset-based, structured finance and real estate arenas.
WCP Inc., originally the Structure Finance division of Wafra Investment
Advisory Group, Inc., became a separate SEC registered adviser in 2011
and is majority beneficially owned by the Public Institution for Social
Security of Kuwait, an autonomous agency controlled by Kuwait. WCP
Inc.’s senior leadership is comprised of the former employees Structured
Finance and Business & Product Development Divisions.

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