Genesis Energy confuses customers with marketing stunt cheque


Genesis Energy sent all its customers a letter with a cheque valued at $1.20.

A “confusing” marketing stunt by a major energy provider has fallen falt with many of its customers.

Genesis Energy attached a “cheque” valued at $1.20 – equivalent to an hour’s worth of power during winter – to a recent letter sent out to customers.

But the power company’s gesture has proved a turn-off for some users, baffling those who were told the cheque wasn’t intended to be cashed at the bank.

Genesis said the cheque represented “a future where we’ll be buying energy back from our customers, as well as selling it to those who need it”..

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However, many customers aren’t sold.

One asked if the cheque could be cashed, but Genesis said customers were expected to redeem the amount either online or donate it to its school-gen project.

Genesis did not respond for comment.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin also received the letter in her mail and she said the messaging was confusing.

“It’s a rather odd marketing campaign and the perforated cheque would imply it needs to be sent somewhere,” Chetwin said.

“They were trying to be clever by getting your attention but most young people these days probably don’t even know what a cheque is.”

The average power bill in Auckland is $2175 per year, while in Christchurch it is $2363.

Earlier this year, power companies got more heat from customers for offering deals to new customers but not existing ones.

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