GEORGIA TECH: 3 arrested as protest turns violent after police shooting

Three people were arrested when protests turned violent at Georgia Tech Monday night in the wake of a fatal shooting days ago by campus police.

The three were arrested and charged with inciting a riot and battery of an officer.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that two police officers suffered minor injuries, one of whom was sent to the hospital.

The paper identified those arrested as Vincent Castillenti, Jacob Wilson and Cassandra Monden.

University spokesman Lance Wallace said in a statement that after the vigil, a group of about 50 protesters marched to the campus police department.

At least one protester reportedly tossed a flare into the police vehicle, setting it ablaze.

Video on social media showed smoke billowing from the police car, with crowds of people on the streets. It also showed a young man running, with a police officer chasing him, ending with the officer tackling him to the ground. Its unclear what led to the altercation.

University officials have told students to avoid Hemphill Avenue and stay inside. They tweeted, “Take Immediate Action Now!”

Investigators said police shot and killed Scout Schultz late Saturday night after the 21-year-old student called 911 to report an armed and possibly intoxicated suspicious person who fit Schultz’s physical description. Police said an officer shot Schultz after she refused to drop a knife. The student’s family claimed the officer overreacted. ‘

A lawyer for the family told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Schultz was carrying a small utility tool. He said the blade was not out.

“We ask that those who wish to protest Scout’s death do so peacefully. Answering violence with violence is not the answer. Our goal is to work diligently to make positive change at Georgia Tech in an effort to ensure a safer campus for all students,” the family said in a statement. “this is how we truly honor Scout’s life and legacy.”

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