Girl gets detention on first day of school at Ebbsfleet Academy for not having a calculator (From News Shopper)

A pupil was left “very upset” after she was given a detention on her first day of secondary school for not having a calculator.

Olivia Tarczon, 11, was told she had a 15 minute detention by a teacher at the Ebbsfleet Academy on her first day of “big school”.

Her mother, Agnes Bazan, said her daughter spent the whole afternoon crying in her room, adding that she thinks it “out of order.”

Olivia’s father, Tomasz, said: “It was her first day at big school you know, she had forgot her calculator and she was so upset afterwards. As far as we know she was the only one to get a detention.

“It has put her off going to school now, she was so upset about it. She has difficulties learning. They seemed strict for the first day of school.”

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A spokeswoman for the school said the academy needs to be consistent from the first day.

She said: “I am very surprised to have heard this as I spoke to Miss Bazan on the phone yesterday about this and the need for academy the rules to be consistent from the first day back and she seemed fine and understood.

“I believed that this had been resolved as the conversation ended very positively. I even asked her tutor to speak to her daughter to make sure she was OK and she expressed no concerns yesterday afternoon.”

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