Glassdoor ranking of most recommended UK companies

Tech conglomerate Cisco is among the most recommended workplaces.GettyLONDON – A recommendation from a friend can carry a lot of weight when looking for a new job.

Surely if someone you know and respect enjoys their job at a particular company, you would too. Plus, you get to spend extra time with your buddy.

Obviously, it should never be the defining factor in choosing a job, but knowing people similar to you fit in with the company is a good sign. 

As such, jobs review site Glassdoor ranked the companies in the UK where the highest proportion of staff would recommend the firm to their friends, by looking at its “Recommend to a Friend” ratings.

At all of the top 13 most recommended companies, more than 75% of staff would encourage their mates to join the firm. Tech firms dominate the list, but a handful of more traditional major firms working in consulting and utilities also make the top 13.

“The recommend to a friend rating is a bit like a net promoter score, but for employees, so  it can make a big difference to recruiting informed candidates,” Glassdoor’s UK Country Manager, David Whitby said in a statement.

Check out the most recommended companies below (scores indicate the percentage of staff who’d recommend the company to others).


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