GM Forecasts Busier NHL Trade Market This Season

In a world divided by politics, hockey fans can unite on at least one subject: the fun of trade talk.

During a conversation on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Thursday evening, NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun alluded to the possibility of more activity on that front for the 2017-18 campaign.

“The old axiom, of course, in hockey is teams wait until U.S. Thanksgiving before really looking in the mirror and realizing what they need. It might come before,” noted LeBrun as part of a larger discussion looking around the league. “I was talking to a GM today and we were saying this might be more active a trade year than last season because the Vegas expansion process kind of suffocated the trade market last year – during the season, that is. Obviously we had fireworks in the offseason. But before the trade deadline, not quite as crazy a year. And now teams don’t have to worry about that. It’s something they don’t have to sweat. I think it’ll liberate some teams.

“And there’s some teams out there I would say to watch out for between now and March. Montreal is one of them because of the cap room.

“San Jose, very quietly, they lose Patrick Marleau and didn’t replace him. But I think they can do that at some point here, and Doug Wilson isn’t afraid to make trades.

“Doug Armstrong, another gunslinger in St. Louis and now he’s got major injuries. At some point in time after looking at what he has internally, I think he won’t be afraid to swing also.

“Rob Blake in L.A., I think he’s waiting to make his mark as a young rookie GM. Does he use a piece from his defense to improve up front.

“So I think as the year goes on here, guys, we’re going to have some interesting trade scenarios to follow.”

While fans wait for those scenarios to potentially unfold, the never-ending Matt Duchene trade watch continues with the Colorado Avalanche.

The semantics of a reported Josh Anderson trade request out of Columbus were also discussed in separate Thursday radio hits with Elliotte Friedman and LeBrun.

Source: TSN 690

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