ATLANTA – A fund created for Georgia Tech Police Department following campus protests Monday night has raised nearly $3,000 overnight.

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The protests broke out just minutes after an on-campus vigil for Scout Schultz ended. Schultz was killed Sunday after being shot by a Georgia Tech Police officer.

GBI later confirmed that Schultz had actually called 911 about a person with a knife and a gun on campus. Schultz also had several suicide notes that were found among their possessions.

According to the GoFundMe page, the organizer of the fundraiser is the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech:

“We at the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech have always worked closely with GTPD to ensure that we follow the strictest procedures on firearm safety; we have also known them as acquaintances and even friends. They are a strong family, and we are certain that they will get through this; however, as we at the Marksmanship Club and we as members of the Georgia Tech Student Body feel that they deserve some extra support following tonight’s horrific events. GTPD has always been kind to students, treating us far more as equals than subjects; many of them are Georgia Tech graduates themselves. They constantly take steps to ensure that we’re safe, reach out to us, and make concrete efforts to get to know students on a personal level. Now, it’s our turn to give back to them.”

11Alive has reached out to the organizer of the GoFundMe page and the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech for additional information.

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Many Georgia Tech students we heard from say the violence does not represent them.

11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross spoke to students on campus on Tuesday, who said they are uniting to make a stand.

They’re focused on uplifting the Georgia Tech community. They say they watched the protests in horror, and say that is not what they are about on campus.

“I just had chalk and felt like people might need encouragement today,” said senior Sarah Smith.

Smith spent her lunch hour writing messages of hope and love on the Georgia Tech quad.

“We wanted to spread some joy and spread some happiness. What went on last night was not a reflection of Georgia Tech’s community. The violence that was brought to campus really, in my opinion, didn’t belong here,” she said.

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Over an hour or so, she and her friends offered students and staff a friendly smile and a message of encouragement.

“We wanted to come out here and show support for our fellow students, and for officers, and for anyone else who needs it, to show they’re loved and wanted here,” she said.

Nick Santine says the video footage of violent protests splashed across the national news is the farthest thing from what Georgia Tech is really about.

“It’s about love for one another and the pursuit of intellect,” he said.

Nick and Sarah want the world to see what they love about their campus.

“It was very frustrating and angering to hear that these things were going on in a place that I know so well, and in a place that I love. I hate it to be painted in a poor light,” Sarah said.

They were really clear about this… they think people from outside came onto the Georgia Tech campus to start the violence.

“It was really hard because it was happening right down the street from my apartment. I saw the car blow up, I saw everything. And I know that this is not Georgia Tech,” Nick said. “This is not the students. This is some other force from the outside who doesn’t know Georgia Tech.”

Nick had friends at the peaceful vigil, who told him the people who started the riots were not from Georgia Tech.

“He said he saw a bunch of people he didn’t recognize, none of them had Georgia Tech gear, they were wearing face masks. He said it was all constructed from outside forces. He said the people actually out there for the vigil did not participate. I don’t think the victim would appreciate that,” Nick said.

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