Govt monitors prices and availability of basic commodities in shops

GOVERNMENT is conducting checks of retail shops and wholesalers in major cities and towns to monitor availability of basic commodities and their prices.

This comes after panicking customers hoarded goods in recent days following social media claims – magnified by the private media – of an impeding shortage of basic commodities and a spike in black market currency trading.

This triggered a sharp increase in the prices of basic commodities, though the situation is starting to normalise following President Mugabe’s intervention on his return from the United Nations General Assembly in the United States.

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Mike Bimha told The Sunday Mail, “When we were away in New York we got some information of what was happening in the country.

“To ensure that we are not caught off guard, we are carrying some surveys in all major cities such as Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kwekwe and Mutare among others to check the availability of basic commodities in the shelves especially in retail and wholesale outlets.

“We are also looking at prices to find out what is obtained in those cities on a daily basis and we also agreed with Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers to carry out their own surveys so that when we meet we compare notes.”

Government will continue supporting the private sector by availing foreign currency to ensure access to critical imports.

“Both Government and private sector were very much aware of the heavy demand of the foreign currency, we have come up with measures to support the local industry that has necessitated increased demand of forex to acquire the much needed raw materials to produce goods,” said Dr Bimha.


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